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Q: Where can I find information on a particular product?
A: You can find detailed information about each product on their corresponding product pages. Click on the silver tab for the specific section of info you require. (ie. 'Paper', 'Size', 'Turnaround', 'File Setup')

Q: Can I order multiple versions of the same product?
A: Currently, the only product where you can specify multiple designs 'versions' is Business Cards. All other products, please add each version you need as a separate item to your cart, then place your order.

Q: I see both 'Offset' and 'Digital' product categories. Which do I choose?
A: Several factors to think about before selecting:

  1. What quantity are you needing to print? Projects 25 - 500 pieces can benefit with digital printing. Must offset orders start at 500 or 1000 and go up from there.
  2. What coatings does your project require? If you need UV high gloss, AQ satin or semi gloss, select Offset printing. Digital printing doesn't offer added coatings.
  3. What turnaround speed are you needing? Standard on digital printing is 1-2 days where offset offers longer standard turnaround, but Next Day is available on some products.

Q: Where can I check the current status of my order?
A: After you have placed your order, you can view the current stage at any given time within your account. Within 'My Account', select the order you would like more infomation on.